On Campus Shops

One can buy books, souvenirs, clothes, groceries, snacks, vegetable and food from the five     on – campus shops.

Keeping in view Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology of decentralized production, Magan Organic Khadi shop and Gramodyog shop sell products that are locally made by local people using local resources. No outside product is sold here. The sale proceeds from these shops go back to the rural enterprises, farmers, and artisans associated with MSS. Only the Magan Deep Khadi shop sells Khadi procured from Khadi production units in other states of India.

Mud Guest House

The guests of MS get an opportunity to stay in a mud guest house where the walls are made of hand compacted mud blocks and roof with terracotta tiles. Staying in this cool, comfortable mud house is a peaceful experience worth having. Its two rooms with attached bathrooms and toilets can accommodate four to six guests.

Magan Khadi

Magan Khadi comes to you with impeccable credentials. An understanding of the past is important in order to realize future aspirations. In 1936, Gandhi moved to Sevagram, then a village near Wardha. This is where he set up his base. Magan Khadi shares a symbiotic relationship with the Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti’s rural enterprise khadi projects.

Thousands of active products are there in the collection.You can select a suitable one.

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A Sustainable Livelihood

In 1978, Devendra Bhai took up the mission of his Guru – Kumarappa – of taking the benefits of technology to the rural poor and initiated the Centre of Science for Villages (CSV) at Magan Sangrahalaya. Wardha. Though Devendra Bhai is no more in this world, his daughter – Dr Vibha Gupta – is carrying on the torch by creating sustainable livelihoods in Rural India through technological interventions. She has been working with Devendra Bhai since 1978 and is currently the Chairperson of the Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti.